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the sun's warm and that's
kind of like you because you used
to hold me close and keep me warm
and whisper in my ear but now
it's winter so the sun is cold and far
away and that's kind of like you too
it's windy today and some
girl said she saw you in town
and i'm wondering why you didn't
stop to talk to me but the wind
doesn't stop either it just
rushes past and makes a whistling
noise, hello goodbye, it was nice to know you
shall we meet again?
i miss you but you're
cold and too far way to keep track
of so i'm going to climb up on the
roof and pretend to be a cloud
it will be closer to you
:iconwonkado:Wonkado 2 0
my friend told me that birds just take one
continuous breath for their whole life,
one continuous inhale, and they breathe
all the time. they never stop.
i think that's pretty cool.
but then i was thinking about it and maybe
that's why they can't swim, because
they're always inhaling, and it
would kind of suck to inhale a bunch
of water. so maybe being a
bird wouldn't be that cool.
but maybe my friend was just making
it up or she had her facts wrong and actually
birds breathe like we do, in and out
in and out
in and out.
and we can swim but we can't fly because
we're too busy exhaling to flap our wings.
do we have wings?
i think we're pretty cool because our
lungs work even though we
don't keep breathing all the time. we're
a little messed up and we hold it
in to see what life's like underwater. i
guess i just think lungs are kinda
nice to have.
:iconwonkado:Wonkado 1 0
poison people and voices that sound like home
"no, that's my
problem," she said,
bitter, and knocked the
flower vase and it smashed
on the floor and she stepped
on the broken glass but it didn't
hurt her feet. she'd made up her mind
to be beyond physical pain, but mental
pain was much harder. people got in the way.
"i fall in love with poison people and voices
that sound like home, that's my problem,"
she shouted. she kicked around broken
flower glasses, but when she'd
thought she was immune to all
pain physical she was wrong;
she was only wearing shoes.
and she needed something
like that for her heart
to protect her from all
the people she broke.
:iconwonkado:Wonkado 2 0
that which woke us
lift your hats
off to the checkout girls
with tattooed backs--
and don't forget
you've nearly lost it but
don't you fret
we'll find it soon if you can
spare a minute
i'd like to speak about the time we went
off to the ocean and we found
the waves, and we walked
on the boardwalks
til voices woke us
and whispering, they spoke us
ideas to find
but don't worry
we've got time
if you can spare a minute
i hear there's places
and ideas in it,
in the places with the boardwalks
so let's go back
and lift our hats
off to the checkout girls
with tattooed backs--
:iconwonkado:Wonkado 3 0
where i was by Wonkado where i was :iconwonkado:Wonkado 3 1
sticks stones and fires
this is how it will be:
we will go out there holding hands
and they will throw sticks and
stones to break our bones and then
we will smile and keep our hands
because we will save each other.
don't frown on the inside. i'm
already crying, so you need to smile.
then they will light a fire
beneath us and we will laugh; what more
could fire do to us? hold my hand
while we burn, i might be scared
underneath. you're better at
this than i am. i plan. you
smile. you're for the cameras.
i'm for the rebels. i'm for us.
and we will go out holding
hands, we will burn holding hands,
we will die holding hands. we will
be the symbol but you are the figurehead,
please hold my hand i'm scared
underneath. please save me. i'm crying.
dying is harder than you might have come to
expect. there you go, smile for
the cameras, and now we catch fire.
i'm crying so you need to smile.
:iconwonkado:Wonkado 4 3
paper towns
like when you look
out over the balcony
and see everything and
it's all so paper. paper
towns full of paper people.
two dimensional. breathe too
much and they'll fall. think too
much and their paper minds and paper
hearts won't be able to handle it. it's
so simple, the way they fall. no special bit
of pain or sorrow; nobody mourns paper. like you
need something real. somebody real. somewhere real.
but all of it is paper towns and paper people living
in paper buildings. it's so simple, the way they fall.
:iconwonkado:Wonkado 10 2
light and sound
under our canopies
dreaming or awake?
smiling across oceans on our
little boats
i told you how it was
it's just so...

look up
now we're floating,
drifting away
but still close to each other;
far from the lights
and far from the sounds
do we really have to wake?
did i ever say we were dreaming?

bedtime poems send us here
to our islands and to the sea
and to castles and forests
and places to be
with each other
can we stay here?
it's so quiet and calm
and waves make our
little boats bobble
and i look across and laugh,
:iconwonkado:Wonkado 3 0
it's not as easy to fight as to run
but we left them behind, every one
waited until sunrise and light
everything was just too bright
whispering to me as we stared at the stars
that's one's venus, but maybe it's mars
whispering back not looking at you
planets can't be more different than those two
i fall asleep and remember them all
i saw children die and fall
you don't say anything about it
if i didn't dream, i would still doubt it
it's easier to say nothing to you,
to be pretending we aren't the very last two
we ran away and we hid in the forest
but all i can hear is their fiery chorus
don't you feel guilty?
:iconwonkado:Wonkado 3 9
you say you like how i'm cute, but
i swear you take the most unattractive
pictures of me i have ever seen. then you
tell me i'm gorgeous and you kiss me in the
back of the car twelve times so you can get the
picture right. you're always criticizing yourself.
the truth is i have no idea who you really are.
you could be an astronaut or an ax murderer and i
would just smile and go along with it and smile pretty
for the camera. kiss you twenty times if it would make you
happy. you don't smile as much as you used to, but when you do
i swear it makes me feel like i could be a star among the clouds.
i think you're a jigsaw puzzle. i mean, secretly, underneath
everything else, you live in a cardboard box and you just want to
be solved. my grandma gets thousand-piece puzzles, the pieces so tiny
you can lose them by blinking. somehow she always puts them all together.
then she takes a picture and frames it, putting the pieces back in the box
for some other day. some other person can solv
:iconwonkado:Wonkado 2 3
Lexy was not special, despite the uncommon consonant in her name. Everything about her was positively a specialness killer, from her average hair length to her normal clothes. There was nothing extraordinary about her. She went to average movies and listened to popular music and went on to lead a very uninteresting life.
So, our story will be about Persephone.
Upon first sight of Persephone, one might not assume much. She had long hair. Her clothes featured obscure bands, which wasn't quite fashionable, but might have been influenced from New York or some such nonsense. She wasn't quite popular and generally stayed on the fringes of groups, almost always listening to music while doing so. People tended to ignore Persephone. She didn't have a lot of normalness they could feel comfortable around. At the same time, she didn't have too much oddness, so they let her be around if she wanted to. Persephone's relationship to other people was one of mutual ignorance: she didn't ask about them a
:iconwonkado:Wonkado 2 1
toy airplanes
you think i am a child.
it's funny.
i feel like a
child. all full of
wonderment -- is that
a childlike thing? and
i feel like i could fly
away and that's certainly
childlike, everybody knows
flying isn' isn't real.
not really. mm. not really real.
but see, the thing is, flying gets
so easy from up here. you think you'll
never get to the top so why bother trying
but everything's so easy from here. once you've
found the top. easy to breath, easy to see, easy
to "observe from an impartial standpoint" -- easy. so
i can see it. i can see flying. i can see how i could
fly. i can see my wings that i had never seen before. i
think underneath you might have them, too. somewhere. maybe
everyone does. i don't know, i've only just gotten here. i love
it here. i think i could fly. i'll never hit the bottom. i'll just
fly across and above and under and through and away and towards and
:iconwonkado:Wonkado 1 27
flower girls
red for the roses you left on her grave
orange for the flower girl you couldn't save
yellow for the daisies she picked just for you
green for the grasses hiding us two
blue for forget-me-nots you can still see
purple for lilacs you won't give to me
black is for things like her smile or my laugh
black is for things that will never come back
and the rainbow, you see, the rainbow for us,
the only two people we ever could trust.
:iconwonkado:Wonkado 17 7
hold your breath
you need her
like you need air.
you tried to stay away
maybe for my sake, maybe
for your own, but you had to
gravitate back, breathing her like
you would breathe air. necessary. i
need you like i need air. i don't know
what i am to you; perhaps some fairy tale
girl locked in a tower not worth climbing,
perhaps an ocean, something you could
drown in. you can't breathe water.
maybe i should wait for her to
disappear. or maybe i should
wait for you to learn how
to hold your breath.
:iconwonkado:Wonkado 11 0
fake conversations
hey, i...
i just...
i just...goodbye.

these conversations, they don't happen.
not really.
they aren't real conversations.
apologies won't stop them from happening
(or rather not).
i just wanted to say...
i'm sorry.
did you hear me?
i'm sorry.
are you there?

you don't understand.
you thing crackled phones and
cackled voices and cracked hearts
somehow, combined,
equal my forgiveness.
you can't just ignore me like this.
please. i don't know what to say.
help me. tell me.
i didn't mean it.
can you even understand me?
can you hear me?
i didn't mean it.
yes you did.

disconnecting phones is like
running away, and if
i could, i would run away
from you. so far away.
you would never see me again.
please just answer. i'm so
sorry for everything. everything i
did. do you listen anymore? i think
you do. just call me. we can talk
through it. we can talk through
everything. just an
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what she looks like by Wonkado what she looks like :iconwonkado:Wonkado 1 0
these are things i do sometimes.


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these are things other people do sometimes.



i wrote a song for piano today & it's not beautiful but it's getting there
i'm on a composing kick; i've ordered a notebook full of sheet music, because when i try to write my own it's uneven
my sister had a friend over
(she was nicer than my sister)
my mother insists that sending me to church will restore my belief so i'm going to a two-week musical camp
when i pointed out that i can neither sing nor pray she told me i was going anyway
will somebody kidnap me
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